More Halloween 2010

Okay, so, here we are – Hubby as Lucius, H. as Tonks, R. as a little boy Werewolf, and me as a… bodacious babe Narcissa.  (*sigh*)  I tried to sneer, but ended up looking a little … like Molly Weasley.  Should have had a red wig!

Lucius, werewolf, Tonks, Narcissa

Lucius Malfoy, little boy Werewolf, Nymphadora Tonks, and Narcissa Malfoy

Lucius and Snakey

Hubby as Lucius

Lucius Malfoy - rowr!

Hubby as Luscious Lucius Malfoy - yum!


8 responses to this post.

  1. Nice costumes!

    But yeah… when’s the last time you sneered off-camera? You really need to work on your inner snob, girl.

    Your inner badass might need a little touchup as well if you’re looking to complete your Malfoy-approved repertoire of expressions. You see, badassery adds to the dynamic nature of a smirk. A multi-faceted smirk, because a TRUE smirk keeps ’em guessing as to what you’re REALLY smirking about. Why else do you think Slytherins use it?


  2. Ooo, and is that a diagram of a Hawker Hurricane on the wall in that last pic? Yummy.


    • Yes it is, dear! 🙂 🙂 We have a Spitfire on the other side.


      • I’ve always had a thing for the Spitfire *girly sigh*

        I wonder if it’s bad to get giddy over vehicles, technology, and weapons. People (I would women but gay guys need eyecandy too) might go drool over the latest Calvin Klein ad, and yeah I’d be gawking right along with them, but put the latest MacBook Air ad next to it and I’d laser in and start salivating over that marvel of design rather than Mister AlmostNekkidPantz.


        • Oh yes, Spitfires. My hubby gets hard over the sound of the engine, and its rubbed off on me… *ahem* ANYWAY…

          It is NOT bad. You are a fem-geek. 🙂 A rare breed. Embrace yourself.


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