School Vacation Week

Whew. I am off with the kids this week. It is Tuesday and so far, we:

Have taken part in the filming of a music video for a NH kids song writer (Harriet played Peter Pan and was great!).

Delivered over 100 boxes of Girl Scout cookies to my office coworkers. (Took almost two hours. Whew!)

Built Lego.

Planned a sleep over.

Bought groceries and new shoes.

Have written and/or finished two HP fanfic.

… and other schtuff.  Whew!

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  1. Girl Scout cookies… I remember selling those… thankfully in my older GS years we got permission to set up shop on the University of St. Thomas campus in one of the main buildings (dunno which but it had frescos on the ceiling). I was a horrible door-to-door seller and neither of my parents had cookiepimpable jobs I could hit up – Mom worked at a gradeschool and Dad’s coworkers were spread all over the country.

    Shoes… I should get some. I haven’t bought a new pair of shoes in years. I DID fall instantly in love with a pair of boots I saw in the paper (Rosalie boots by… Born, maybe? Can’t remember the brand) a few weeks ago but those retail for over $200 thus I couldn’t justify trying to track down a pair.

    All our Legos have probably been donated. Or they might be in a box under my brother’s bed.


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