Parenting and Working and Writing and Anxiety and …

So.  I like to write.  I WANT to write.  

I also work full-time, have two kids (12 and 9), and and STILL battling depression and anxiety demons.

Self tends to come last, if I do anything for self, at all.  I tend to collapse in a chair after the kids go to bed, read for a while, then pass out.  My fanfiction writing has come to a screeching almost-halt. I hate that.  

I feel like I am failing in everything that makes me, ME.

I want to write a book.  I know I have one in me.

But what’s the best way to make it happen, while swinging swords at anxiety, depression, and helping my children deal with life’s surprises, and trying to be a somewhat acceptable spouse?



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  1. No personal experience here, obvs. But maybe you need to schedule it in like you would one of your kids’ activities? Just because it’s for you doesn’t make it less important – it’s just easier to blow off. Crash your fave coffee shop or library to help with the mindset. Maybe tell the hubs that you’d like to pick up writing and brainstorm where and how you could pick up time (and if you feel guilty over it, maybe there’s something he’s been wanting to do that you can help him out with?)


  2. Posted by Andrea on September 12, 2014 at 4:51 pm

    Ocasionally I have to deal with the same issues. I think I can unfortunately say that I truly understand the situation…
    Four children, husband, dog, cat, parents, friends, a demanding job – sometimes I feel like I lost myself in trying to meet all the other’s needs…

    But what I would like to tell you is: Don’t give up!
    After reading some of your stories I am completely convinced that you are a wonderful person. And your blog shows you’re also a loving mother.
    Don’t give up on yourself!!! Maybe you’ve lost yourself a bit but trust yourself to find you again.

    Sorry for not being able to use better or more sensitive and more encouraging words, but english is not my mother tongue.


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