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Today, I got my very first ever…

…Urinary Tract Infection!  [TMI ALERT!]

Reddish pee can occur if you’ve eaten beets.

I hate beets. 

I didn’t have any pain, but when I saw I was peeing distinctly pink fluid, and that it was pinker every visit to the restroom, I went to see the doc.

Sure enough,  it’s a UTI.  I’ve never had one before.  I do have some lower back ache-iness, but I always have that.  Comes with the ginormous bosom.

So, five days of a strong antibiotic should clear it right up.

And now I can cross that one off my Bucket List.

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Dentist trip

Ah, bliss.  I just had two fillings replaced in two of my molars.  They had worn out, pure and simple.  The dentist was great, she finished in about fifteen minutes!  I don’t mind dentists, but I do dread the drill.  I’m happy to say it was almost completely pain-free.

Almost.  🙂

Thought I forgot, didn’t you.

Nope!  Just had a very busy day emotionally.  I’m rather drained.

I am tired of dealing with anxiety and depression.

I am especially tired of people asking me why I can’t just snap out of the depression, or think in a different way until the depression goes away.  They tell me to stop using depression as an excuse.

You know what, “friends?”  All that does, people, is make me MORE anxious and depressed as I sit and worry and stew about what you’ve said.

I don’t THINK I use the depression as an excuse.  But do I?  And my anxiety and panic attacks?  Are they excuses too?

My meds don’t help like I personally think they should, and there are a bunch of other issues I need to address.  I did make an appointment with my doctor.  Unfortunately, she isn’t available until Nov 22.  But I have made the call, at least.

I’m also going to a presentation at my clinic in a week and a half.  It is on Bariatric Surgery.  We shall see where that leads.

Back to writing my Samhain Drabble …  thanks for listening, folks.

Tarzan, the Ape Man (1981) (A Bo Derek atrocity)

Hubby and I watched this movie last night.  We should have just gone to bed.  It was horrible.  We fast-forwarded most of it to see “the good bits”.  He had the naked Bo Derek to ogle, and I had the almost-naked Miles O’Keeffe as Tarzan to check out.

What a gods-awful movie.  Richard Harris was deranged, Bo Derek was vacant and vapid, and Tarzan was pretty dang sissified, IMHO.

What clinched it for me, however, as a movie to hate forever, is that takes place in Africa, right?  Yet they used ASIAN elephants, not African, AND – Tarzan’s ape friends were two chimpanzees AND an orangutan – WHICH DOESN’T LIVE IN AFRICA!


Ahem.  Stupid movie.  IMDB rating is 3 out of 10.  I wish I’d looked that up first.  At least we saw it for free.  LOL

I feel like a horrible mom

The public library in our town told kids they would have a 3 day drama camp Aug 1 2 and 3.  Just 1 hour a day.  Nothing big. 

Daughter Harriet was all for it, she loves drama, and I thought fun, I can’t sign her up for theatre camp this year due to my surgery so this will be fun. 

I went on line earlier in the summer and they didn’t have registration open yet. 

I asked the children’s librarian two weeks ago about signing up and she said its available online now.

I forgot until just now.

Registration is closed, full up, NO WAITING LIST.

Shitpissfuckdamnscrew.  I feel like a complete ass.  COMPLETE.  Harriet is going to be so upset.  Gods damn it.

I can remember MY damn Harry Potter ticket but not a lousy, free theatre fun thing for my kids?

Way to go, Mother.    

Holy Cats

I went back to bed after seeing the kids and hubby off this morning.  Got up around 11, took a shower, and ever since I’ve been crying my eyes out off and on.

Boobs are sore.  Guess what?  I was right about the PMS.

Called the office to tell them I will be taking one more week off than originally thought, due to my post-op appointment not happening until the week I was originally planning to be back at work.  I was bawling as I was talking to my HR Director, who was all worried and concerned.  I suppose that doesn’t hurt, to be crying to HR  (she’s my peer at the office, we are on the same level of hierarchy).  sigh.

Called Mom.  She said, “Take a Percocet, eat some chocolate, and watch a movie.”

I love Mom.  It is helping, her advice.

And now I’m watching “28 Days Later” and writing some smut.   Good times.

Surgery Scheduled

June 22.

My troublesome ute will be removed and I will no longer have to worry about repopulating the planet after the zombie apocalypse, or indeed any apocalypse, strikes.

I also will be fixed up in other areas.