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FANTASTIC! Watch “Sorted This Way (Hufflepuff pride video) : Lady Gaga parody” on YouTube

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Whale Watching with the New England Aquarium in Boston

The hubby, kids and I went on a 3 hour whale watching tour (“a three hour tour…”) yesterday with our neighbors and their kids. I’d bought two tour packages last September through from the New England Aquarium in Boston. Very much worth it!

We had a nice time just watching the ocean, riding the swells, and hoping to see whales. We saw a lot of white-sided dolphins, and several ‘blows’ (the exhalations of the whales), but it wasn’t until almost the end of the trip when we had a spectacular viewing of a Fin Whale. He was beautiful, coming to the surface and swimming along side us several times.

We didn’t get to see any breaching Humpbacks but it was still thrilling. I’d love to go again someday. 🙂

Harriet on deck

Robbie on deck

Me on deck - note windburned cheeks!

Fin Whale blowing

Fin Whale blowing - head visible



Why oaks broke: Snow clinging to their leaves can add up to 3,000 pounds –

Why oaks broke: Snow clinging to their leaves can add up to 3,000 pounds –

Yep!  We had a mature but healthy oak tree out front of our house, still in full leaf, and that’s the one that split down the middle and landed on the wires.

What concerns me is the HUGE oak we have behind our house, near our bedroom.  It is straight and tall and didn’t seem to have a problem this time around … but what about next time?

Photo Shoot today

hi all!

I am SO SORE today from trying to snowblow our driveway yesterday.  Turns out the tires were flat and one of the two shear pins was snapped so only one side of the auger was turning.  I found this out two hours later.  We do NOT have a large drive, folks.  It should NOT have been so frustration-inducing.  The damn blower should have been maintenanced.


ANYWAY!  Smiley face!  😀 😀 😀 😀

Today!  I had to have my photo taken (professional shots) for the revamp of our law firm’s website.  All the attorneys, paralegals, and admin staff are being snapped.  I’m admin, as library director, sooooo…  I put on a power red sweater, my silver dragon pin (so Draco would be with me in spirit), and skin-colored makeup to hide as many zits as possible.  (Yes, they will retouch with Photoshop, but still.)

I don’t like myself much in photos currently, as my double chin is back and I feel frumpy, BUT, I wasn’t going to let that get in my way.  I hammed it up, played up the part of being the librarian, did my ‘glaring over the eyeglasses at the photographer’ thing, etc. in-between serious shots.  He loved it, so did his assistant.  Even asked me if I’d done any theatre/acting (LOL, only as ‘elderly woman on street’ in high school, though I did write and direct a LOT of my own skits for lower grades, and Sunday School).

We had a really good time, actually, and he was VERY good at getting people to act natural and relaxed, talking to them and snapping pics when they weren’t all staged.  I had some really good ones come out (could see them on his big computer screen) – both professional ones and goofy ones.  I was glad to see them.  I think I’ll order a funny one or two for myself!  😀

Jimi Hendrix was Hung

The rumors are true.  Check out this plaster cast of his weenie:

A Word on Anonymous Reviews

A friend of mine is a writer.  She’s, to put it mildly, highly skilled and accomplished.  She writes wonderful fanfiction, as it keeps her creative juices flowing and she enjoys it.   Her stories are adult in nature, have complex plots and characterizations, and tackle sensitive topics and mature themes.  My friend is always very careful to warn readers of these facts at the beginning of each story and usually includes reminders as the chapters progress.

She recently received an anonymous review on one of her stories (an award-winning fic, no less) in which the reviewer complained at great length about the content of said story.  It was obvious that the reviewer a) had not seen the warnings or b) had read them but chose to ignore them or c) was an ignoramus.  The reviewer certainly did not read the entire story to see why certain topics were included in the story.  If the reviewer had bothered to continue, they might have understood.  Instead they closed their mind, wrote anonymously, and shut themselves down.  My friend had no way to reply to Ms./Mr. Anonymous/”Concerned Reviewer” except on her own blog.  Her reply was well-written, diplomatic, and heartfelt.  It is a shame that it will probably not be seen by the party who wrote the original review.

Honestly, anonymous reviews are cowardly.  There is a reason newspapers require you to include your name on Letters to the Editor, and most websites require some sort of name and email address.  If you have something to say, by all means SAY it, but take ownership of it.  Stand behind what you say, and be willing to back it up, to argue your point, and to listen to the counter-arguments that are sure to follow.  Who knows, you might actually, possibly, learn something new.

Thus spake the UnseenLibrarian.