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Locks of Love Donation

So yes, I got a haircut!  I have been growing my hair out from a short pixie-type cut for the past three years or so, and I finally got sick of it.  I’d had long hair as a pre-teen but most of the rest of my life it has been short.  With good reason: I hate playing with hair and dealing with styling it is always a nightmare for me.  Short = easier, in my book.  Plus, I seem to shed like a husky in Arizona, and I was tired of these clumps of long hair everywhere (TMI, I know).

So I headed to my local Supercuts, armed with a photo of the short cut I wanted, and told Leah the stylist to go for it.  She was nervous about cutting off so much and asked if I was going to cry.  Hell, NO, I said.  She tied it into two ponytails and they were almost 12 inches long – so she cut them off and saved them for me.  They are now on their way to Locks of Love.  She then cut away and trimmed and did her magic and at the end, I had the nice, short, light cut I wanted.  HURRAY!

Leah said afterwards that was the most fun she’d ever had with a haircut.  She’d never gotten to do such a radical change for someone before.  Always happy to oblige, that’s me.  🙂

My Ponytails – almost 12″ long




Shopping for Clothes

My daughter has grown at least six inches in a year.  She’s my height or even a bit taller. She’s ten and in the beginning throes of puberty.

Suddenly, none of her clothes fit.

Off to the mall today.  I hate malls.  I think a lot of that has to do with my dislike of crowds and of lots of noise (hard to hear in that cacophony).

So.  To the fray!

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No Power

Dang it.  We lost power at 6 pm on Saturday night, during the recordbreaking snowstorm we had here in NH.  There are still about 222,000 people without power.  A tree in our front yard split in two with the weight of snow on its leaves, and landed on the wires. 

Fun times!

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Posting each day

well now.  October is just about over, and I’ve posted almost every day.  That’s more than I had been doing, so I consider it to be a success.

Not sure that I will be doing NaNoWriMo this year, however.  The vote is still out.  I don’t have a burning idea for a book.  I could write fanfiction, I know (anything goes for NaNoWriMo, as I understand it) but in my opinion, if I am going to dedicate a month to writing 50K words, shouldn’t the idea and plot and characters be ORIGINAL, so I could do something more with it afterwards?  After all, you can’t make money off fanfiction, can’t publish it as your own work – I LOVE writing it, but I would like to put those 50K words into something that has potential.

Not that I’m the next Stephen King or anything like that, but Water for Elephants was drafted during NaNoWriMo and look how far that has gone.?  (great book.  Read it.  I haven’t see the film yet but Robert Pattinson is in it.)

What do you think?  Have any of you got opinions one way or the other on NaNoWriMo projects?  Do you have any challenges for me?  Brainstorming, juice-flowing sessions?

Think, think, think, ponder, ponder, ponder …

Thought I forgot, didn’t you.

Nope!  Just had a very busy day emotionally.  I’m rather drained.

I am tired of dealing with anxiety and depression.

I am especially tired of people asking me why I can’t just snap out of the depression, or think in a different way until the depression goes away.  They tell me to stop using depression as an excuse.

You know what, “friends?”  All that does, people, is make me MORE anxious and depressed as I sit and worry and stew about what you’ve said.

I don’t THINK I use the depression as an excuse.  But do I?  And my anxiety and panic attacks?  Are they excuses too?

My meds don’t help like I personally think they should, and there are a bunch of other issues I need to address.  I did make an appointment with my doctor.  Unfortunately, she isn’t available until Nov 22.  But I have made the call, at least.

I’m also going to a presentation at my clinic in a week and a half.  It is on Bariatric Surgery.  We shall see where that leads.

Back to writing my Samhain Drabble …  thanks for listening, folks.

First day of school


Harriet and Robert are ready!  Today’s the day, fourth grade and second grade.  Where did the time go?

Give Blood!

Today, New Hampshire hosted the largest blood drive in New England – The Gail Singer Memorial Blood Drive.

I am proud to be able to say I took part.

I gave blood today for the first time in fifteen years.  I was glad to do it.  I used to always give at the blood drives at the university where I worked.  When I left that job, easily-accessible blood drives didn’t occur.

I did get woozy while lying on the stretcher, so I simply waited until I wasn’t (they raised my legs for me).  No falling on the floor for me!

They were trying to have 2200 donors this year, to break the record.  I hope they did!