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The Change Up – Official Redband Trailer [HD]

The Change Up – Official Redband Trailer [HD].

This is the R-rated trailer, just to warn you.

I really can’t wait to see this movie.  I LOVE Ryan Reynolds (no, really, Jen?), and Jason Bateman is another hottie in my book.  Both super-funny.

It seems to me they worked really well together in this flick!


MTV After Hours With Josh Horowitz = ‘The Yes/No Show’ With Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively

OH MY, yes.  Definitely, YES.  It’s Ryan Reynolds, in a close-fitting black shirt (sweater?) and a sexy smile with a small little dimple and that wit of his and his HANDS oh glomp glomp glomp…. I kept picturing my lovely, sexy Bill Weasley and just wanted to … to …


This clip is fun.  But it’s Ryan Reynolds.  I’m biased.  So biased, you could cut a skirt out of me and I’d drape marvelously on your figure.

Check it out here.