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Today, I got my very first ever…

…Urinary Tract Infection!  [TMI ALERT!]

Reddish pee can occur if you’ve eaten beets.

I hate beets. 

I didn’t have any pain, but when I saw I was peeing distinctly pink fluid, and that it was pinker every visit to the restroom, I went to see the doc.

Sure enough,  it’s a UTI.  I’ve never had one before.  I do have some lower back ache-iness, but I always have that.  Comes with the ginormous bosom.

So, five days of a strong antibiotic should clear it right up.

And now I can cross that one off my Bucket List.

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Thought I forgot, didn’t you.

Nope!  Just had a very busy day emotionally.  I’m rather drained.

I am tired of dealing with anxiety and depression.

I am especially tired of people asking me why I can’t just snap out of the depression, or think in a different way until the depression goes away.  They tell me to stop using depression as an excuse.

You know what, “friends?”  All that does, people, is make me MORE anxious and depressed as I sit and worry and stew about what you’ve said.

I don’t THINK I use the depression as an excuse.  But do I?  And my anxiety and panic attacks?  Are they excuses too?

My meds don’t help like I personally think they should, and there are a bunch of other issues I need to address.  I did make an appointment with my doctor.  Unfortunately, she isn’t available until Nov 22.  But I have made the call, at least.

I’m also going to a presentation at my clinic in a week and a half.  It is on Bariatric Surgery.  We shall see where that leads.

Back to writing my Samhain Drabble …  thanks for listening, folks.

Photo Shoot today

hi all!

I am SO SORE today from trying to snowblow our driveway yesterday.  Turns out the tires were flat and one of the two shear pins was snapped so only one side of the auger was turning.  I found this out two hours later.  We do NOT have a large drive, folks.  It should NOT have been so frustration-inducing.  The damn blower should have been maintenanced.


ANYWAY!  Smiley face!  😀 😀 😀 😀

Today!  I had to have my photo taken (professional shots) for the revamp of our law firm’s website.  All the attorneys, paralegals, and admin staff are being snapped.  I’m admin, as library director, sooooo…  I put on a power red sweater, my silver dragon pin (so Draco would be with me in spirit), and skin-colored makeup to hide as many zits as possible.  (Yes, they will retouch with Photoshop, but still.)

I don’t like myself much in photos currently, as my double chin is back and I feel frumpy, BUT, I wasn’t going to let that get in my way.  I hammed it up, played up the part of being the librarian, did my ‘glaring over the eyeglasses at the photographer’ thing, etc. in-between serious shots.  He loved it, so did his assistant.  Even asked me if I’d done any theatre/acting (LOL, only as ‘elderly woman on street’ in high school, though I did write and direct a LOT of my own skits for lower grades, and Sunday School).

We had a really good time, actually, and he was VERY good at getting people to act natural and relaxed, talking to them and snapping pics when they weren’t all staged.  I had some really good ones come out (could see them on his big computer screen) – both professional ones and goofy ones.  I was glad to see them.  I think I’ll order a funny one or two for myself!  😀

I’m Fat

Fat fat fat fat fat.  At one point I’d lost 80 lbs in just over a year, with Weight Watchers as my guide, starting in 2007 as I watched my father weaken and die.  It was fricking hard, and awful, and I felt good that I’d been able to accomplish that much, though I had more to go.

Now, I’ve gained back at least half of that – in just over a year.  Can anyone say:

unhealthy consequences of STRESS?!!!

Fucking gods damn it.

And yes, I know.  Eat less, and exercise.