The Salvage Continues

OMG.  Folks…  I finally had a good night’s sleep.  It has been YEARS since I could say that.

It makes me want to cry with joy and not-a-small amount of fright.

Technically, I have a BiPAP machine and mask.  Both nose and mouth are covered by a mask (femininized with pink straps) and the machine supplies positive airway pressure through one half of the contraption.  The other half is a humidifer.  

Folks – last night was amazing.  During my sleep study, I stopped breathing 89 times per hour. (The average person stops 5.)  With the mask on?  I went down to just 2.2.  Two!  TWO!!!!! I feel SO MUCH BETTER already!!!!


The Wreck is being Salvaged

Slowly but surely.

I’m off the anti-depressants, finally.  After years and years of taking them (literally decades), I learned from a new friend of mine, who happens to be a pharmacist, that anti-depressants are meant to be for short-term use only.  They were never intended to be used for years, yet doctors apparently find it easier to keep on prescribing them instead of finding other solutions.

Needless to say, I was livid and shaken when I heard this – also, extremely upset with myself.  I consider myself an intelligent person who does her research.  Yet, despite these traits, I never discovered/came upon this factoid.  How did I not find that out?  I beat myself up over that thoroughly.  But I also weaned myself off the Anti-Ds (no, I did not go cold turkey. 🙂  ).

Today. too, at long last, I get my CPAP machine.  I will finally be able to breathe again when I sleep.  Good-bye, snoring!  Good-bye, oxygen deprivation!   The sleep study I had revealed that for every 60 minutes of sleep, I have NOT BEEN BREATHING for 15 of those minutes.  My O2 levels drop below 85% when I’m asleep. Holy CRAP, folks.  No wonder I’ve lost memory, lost brain power and cognitive function, and lost even simple things like picking the right word to use in a sentence.  😦  This has gone on for over a year now, possibly longer.  I’ve been so upset and frustrated by it.


What really got me to go have the study done, however, was falling asleep behind the wheel while going 68 MPH on the highway.  Yeah, that will straighten out your spinal cord a little bit.  (No accident.  I came to almost immediately.  But the sleepy behind the wheel issue has been a problem, and enough was enough).

So, In a few minutes, I’m off to get my CPAP (“Continuous positive airway pressure”) machine. It’s pathetic how excited I am for this.

I can’t wait to actually wake up and feel REFRESHED.

I can’t wait for my metabolism to come alive again so I can lose the two extra people I’ve been carrying around with me.

I can’t wait to use my real vocabulary again.

I can’t wait to possibly NOT be such an emotional basketcase.

I can’t wait to have ANY sort of energy, to do ANYthing.

I can’t wait to want to talk to friends again.  And to write again.  And to enjoy my kids, and my husband, and my job.

I am really looking forward to LIVING again.

Still here!~

Hi all,

Yes, I am, indeed, still alive and kicking.
I’m dealing with some health issues most recently and haven’t been as focused as I would like.  Still, to quote Granny Weatherwax from Sir Terry Pratchett’s DISCWORLD novels, “I aten’t dead”!


Deflower Draco Fanfic Fest – Round 3!

The Deflower Draco Fest: It's time to deflower Draco! Catch him if you can!
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The Deflower Draco Fest is for fanworks that prominently feature the virginity (and de-virginizing) of Draco Malfoy. This round we return to het! Claim a prompt or work from your own idea!

Prompting: May 20-May 25
Claiming: May 27-May 31
Works Due: Aug 14
Posting Begins: Aug 19

Cell Mitosis Explained

Oh, my gosh, My Biology Major self just about fell over laughing when I saw this a couple of nights ago. Perfect answer!

Can you explain the cell division very fast?

“Can you explain the cell division very fast?”


Rules, Timelines, and How to Nominate a Fic

To Make Nominations/Ask Questions:
Nomination period: April 1st – April 28th, 2013
Voting period: May 1st – June 30th, 2013
Winners announced: by July 10th, 2013

Tumblr is Stupid

hi all,

I was experimenting with Tumblr for about a week, maybe two. After all, as a librarian and information specialist, I need and want to be aware of what is out there, in case I am asked about them.
I just deleted my account.  
Tumblr is one of the most mindless, pointless “social networks” I’ve ever experienced.  It is not intuitive to use, you can’t really interact with other people the way you can through Facebook or blogs, and you don’t need to think about what you are posting.  It is just an endless circle of posted pictures or text that are “reblogged” over and over.  No comments, no insight, no… brain power.
I found this article that wrapped up what I experienced very well.  The article is from 2011, but as far as I can tell, nothing has changed.
If you have/use/love Tumblr, fine.  Go for it.  It ain’t for me, though. My brain doesn’t work that way – thank the gods.