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Hello. Miss me?

Well, I thought a seven month hiatus would be good for all of us.  But I think I was wrong :).

Hi everyone.  Its been a lonnnng fall and winter.  I’m fighting the Winter Doldrums something fierce.  I’ve finally come to the conclusion that I need to get back onto an antidepressant and/or anti-anxiety med.  Otherwise, I’m going to keep spinning around the drain, and not in a good way. 

I haven’t been able to focus on anything – Real Life itself is a struggle, forget the idea of being creative or doing self-things.

I haven’t feel like writing in MONTHS.  I pulled a Harry Potter Advent fanfiction out of my butt, and (luckily) it hit some good humor buttons, but I felt like I was fighting with my brain the entire time.  And the tears. The tears have been horrible.  STOP with the tears already.  

So.  Doc appt is lined up.  I don’t care what my mother-in-law says: sometimes you DO need chemistry to get through life.