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Summer Camp Anxiety Has Lessened


My worries did not come to pass. Robbie’s had a good week, Monday notwithstanding. 

Except, he did hit his head on the side door mirror of a school bus on the way to the camp check-in, despite my warning him to watch out(!), and he was mad at me for not warning him soon enough.  THAT’S typical Mother’s Guilt, though, and I refuse to let it sink into my bones.

Isn’t it?



Mother/Daughter Day

Harriet and I had a Mother/Daughter day today.  She had an orthodontist appointment first, to get her retainer adjusted.  They gave her the good news that she only needs to wear it at night, now.  Yay!

After that, we zipped off to the mall.  She wanted to buy some post earrings, so she would be ready to swap out her piercing studs when her 6 weeks of healing are over.  We found a bunch at Claire’s, along with some hair doodads.  We went to several other stores too, including a Halloween costume shop where we found her a cat costume for 50% off.

She’s been wanting a Halloween birthday party this year (she’ll be ten), and with her birthday only 6 days after Halloween, we decided to have her party on the Saturday before the holiday, Oct. 29.  We wanted to start getting ready, so we stopped at a party store and found a bunch of things for favors /goodie bags.    Then, we grabbed lunch, and went to a Dollar Tree store where everything is just $1.  We found a ton of fun Halloween decorations and party goods.  Harriet was thrilled (so am I)!

Now, I’m pooped.  🙂   Happy October 1!

Pierced Ears!


Harriet got her ears pierced today!  It’s an early birthday present – she’ll be ten in November.  It is something she has been asking about for a while, and since it was her choice, not me forcing it on her, I was all for it.  (I do not believe mothers should ever force pierced ears on a kid.)

We went to a boutique in the mall, and as soon as we stepped in there was a little girl screaming and crying, about 5, with one ear pierced and a mean old mother yelling at her that by God, she was getting her other ear done so shut up and keep still.

Greeeeat, I thought.  Just what Harriet needs.  We hid at the back of the store.  Harriet said to me, “I think that mother is making her daughter get her ears pierced.”  I thought her correct, and indeed, the piercer-person confirmed it.  We all rolled our eyes.

Harriet chose topaz studs, her birthstone, and she did a great job as the deed was done.  No crying, nothing.  So happy for her!  🙂